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Chinese Drywall Removal Protocol:
Upon review of premises and acceptance by Contractor and Owner, Asgard Construction LLC agrees to perform the following:
·Remove all cabinets and counter tops and store off site in climate controlled storage for reinstallation when applicable.
·Remove all appliances and store off in climate controlled storage for reinstallation when applicable.
·Remove dispose of and replace wall mounted mirrors.
·Remove dispose of and replace all insulation in residence with comparable insulation.
·Remove dispose of and replace drywall in home with USA made drywall, with exception of bath and shower wall tile. Removal of shower, tub and other wall tile is the Owner’s responsibility. Standard drywall finishes are included. E.g.  Skip Trowel, Knockdown, Orange Peel, and Smooth areas.
·Remove dispose of, and replace any exterior lanai or entry drywall as applicable. Replacement of same with stucco is an upgrade and it is the Owner’s responsibility.
·Remove identify and save bath lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans and hanging lights. Wire nut and tape off loose wires. Store offsite.
·Remove and replace all electrical trim related to outlets and switches within the home’s interior.
·Coordinate with Alarm Company for inspection of alarm system.  Changes and upgrades will be the Owner’s responsibility.
·Remove existing HVAC equipment and replace with comparable HVAC equipment including all ductwork and supply/return vents.
·Remove and replace all copper water supply stub outs and shut off valves within the home’s interior. Additional water supply replacement and repair shall be Owner’s responsibility.
·Existing plumbing fixtures will be removed and re-installed. Changes and upgrades will be the Owner’s responsibility.
·Existing shower enclosures and tubs will be protected and remain in place. Replacement and/or upgrades will be the Owner’s responsibility.
·Remove and dispose of existing carpeting. Replacement of flooring selection will need to be coordinated and priced separately, or installed by Owner after completion.
·Remove and replace all interior woodwork, including base, casing, jambs and doors with comparable materials and profiles. Additional trim, such as applied moldings, crown, etc will be removed and disposed of. Replacement costs of these specialty moldings will be upgrade and the Owner’s responsibility.
·Remove and reinstall standard closet shelving system. Custom built in /California Closet wall units will be Owner’s Responsibility.
·Provide standard paint finishes including up to (3) colors to allow for ceiling, trim (base, casing and jambs and doors) and walls. Specialty finishes and additional color will be an upgrade and the Owner’s responsibility.
·Provide final clean up of the interior of house.
·Asgard Construction LLC will provide a (1) year limited warranty for labor associated with the contracted scope of work. Asgard Construction LLC will assign to Owner all warranties applicable to the residence and received by equipment suppliers, subcontractors, material, and any other warranties pertaining to the residence and any appliances, fixtures and systems therein.
·Asgard Construction LLC will utilize due care to protect while removing, handling, and installing products related to contractual obligations. However, some damage should be anticipated due to nature of products being handled. If replacement products are required, all costs will be provided to customer in form of change order for Owner’s approval and payment.
·Contractor shall be responsible for all licensing, permit fees, inspections, and debris removal.
·Upon receipt of full and final payment, Contractor will deliver possession of the residence to the owner and present a Final Contractor’s Affidavit and Lien Waiver, covering all materials and labor.

Owner’s Responsibilities:
·Remove all furnishings and personal items, including but not limited to: furniture, TVs, window treatments, electronics, jewelry, china/cookware, chandeliers or other specialty fixtures, clothing, linens, tools, vehicles, etc.

Chinese Drywall Protocol
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